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    Traditional Slovak Food Dishes

    Lubomir Spisak    L.M.: May 07, 2017

    Tourists often taste local specialties in the given countries. There are various restaurants, where Slovak specialties can be tasted in Slovakia. The most popular Slovak food is potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon.

    The basic ingredients of the Slovak meals are milk, flour, legumes, potatoes and cabbage.

    The favorite milk products are sweet and sour milk, buttermilk, curd, cream and sheep's cheese. The most popular of these include raw skewers, smoked and ugly pairs and oysters.

    These raw products can be bought in every food trade in Slovakia. The products are best tasted by the producers, especially in the Liptov region.

    For Slovaks, potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon mean what a sushi means for Japanese and a pizza for the Italians. They are made of potato dough. It is mixed with a special kind of sheep's cheese - bryndza that tastes best in the chalets. The bacon and the hot pork are added to the top. The best drink is cmar or acid milk to eat it. Slovakia can boast an unusual world curiosity. Every year, in the mountain village Turecká, at the foot of the Great Fatra, the World Championship in cooking and eating the dumplings are held.

    Traditional home-made dishes include other dishes made from potatoes (potato pancakes, locusts), various kinds of sheep's cheese and cabbage. Good Slovak lunch can not miss the soup - cabbage, garlic (sometimes served in a loaf of bread), beans with sausage, beef or chicken broth. Traditional Slovak marshmallows are sour cakes or cakes filled with lecvar, mac, cottage cheese or nuts. From Záhorie spread interesting Skalica's trdelník in a cylindrical shape with a hole inside. Baking for wine or beer is a favorite salty cake (Cabbage, garlic and potato pagans).

    The gastronomic event is participation in the feast of the feast, which is especially famous for the people from village Slovenský Grob. Interesting is also the villager, which is not easy to experience on his own skin. Butcher's specialties (liver, lobster, huspenin, ostrich spread, etc.) are available in several restaurants or catering facilities.

    Expanded world brands of lemonade in Slovakia successfully compete with domestic non-alcoholic beverages such as Vinea and Kofola and a wide selection of local table mineral waters.

    The Slovak spirits distillate is borovička, which is burnt from juniper (Juniperus comunis). The popular Slovak spirits are also plum brandy and brandy (mixture of bacon, spirits and honey). In the huts, ask for a spicy hot spirit with the name of Horec. Demänovka is a liqueur made from healing herbs and forest fruits.

    In addition to spirits, beer is particularly popular. Slovak beers are of high quality, among the best brands are the Golden Pheasant and the Thirsty Monks. Various quality wines are also grown in Slovakia. The tradition of vineyard cultivation dates back to Roman times. The world famous Tokaj wine-growing region lies in the southeast of the countryside.


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