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    TOP 5 castles in Wales

    Lubomir Spisak    L.M.: Oct 17, 2017

    ”Nowhere in these islands does the splendor fall more generously than on the castles of Wales”, observed the late Wynford Vaughan-Thomas, historian, writer and broadcaster.

    In this article, the TOP 5 castles in Wales have been chosen based on research of list of Wales’s castles.

    #1 Pembroke Castle in Wales

    Address: Pembroke SA71 4LA, United Kingdom

    Pembroke Castle in Wales
    Pembroke Castle in Wales.

    The ancient castle of Pembroke was one of the most impregnable fortresses erected by our ancestors for defence amidst the barbarous frays of feudal times. It is situated upon a lofty and isolated rock, nearly forty feet in height. The waters of Milford Haven surround the base of this craggy foundation on three sides, whilst the fourth side, or that which faces the town, is fenced by a deep ditch, protected by a barbican.

    #2 Powis Castle in Wales

    Address: Welshpool SY21 8RF, United Kingdom

    Powis Castle in Wales.

    The Powis Castle is a castle located in Welshpool town in the county of Powys (central-eastern Wales), erected as a fortress by the princes of Powys from the 12th century and remodeled in the present form of residence in the Tudor and Stuart era. The building was once the residence of the princes and lords of Powys, and later of the Herbert family. The castle, one of the rare examples of Wales fortresses that did not fall into ruin at the end of the medieval wars, is placed under the tutelage of the National Trust.

    The castle stands on a rocky spur and is characterized by the red color of its façades. The building is surrounded by Italian Renaissance gardens planted between 1688 and 1722, the only example in this style dating from this period throughout the UK.

    #3 Chirk Castle in Wales

    Address: Chirk LL14 5AF, United Kingdom

    Chirk Castle in Wales
    Chirk Castle in Wales.

    Chirk Castle is a castle in the United Kingdom. Chirk Castle is located in the municipality of Wrexham and is part of the country of Wales, in the southern part of the country, 250 km north-west of the city's capital London. The length of Chirk Castle is 211 meters above sea level.

    In addition to Powis Castle, Chirk Castle is the only castle in North Wales that has been permanently inhabited since the Middle Ages. Especially in the 18th and 19th century, it was expanded into a splendid country seat.

    #4 Caernarfon Castle in Wales

    Address: Castle Ditch, Caernarfon LL55 2AY, United Kingdom

    Caernarfon Castle in Wales
    Caernarfon Castle in Wales.

    Caernarfon Castle is a medieval building in Gwynedd in northwestern Wales. The original structure of the 11th-century castle was rebuilt by King Edward I. of England in 1283 and the castle was to be the administrative center of northern Wales and also the royal residence, Prince Edward II. was born in 1284.

    Inspiration for builders became Constantinople’s walls. By the end of the 15th century the meaning of the castle began to recede, which was reflected in its state. In spite of a certain dilapidation, during the civil wars of the 17th century it became the seat of the monarchists and was besieged several times. The end of bankruptcy occurred in the 19th century, when the reconstruction took place. It is now the place where the Prince of Wales is ceremonially awarded.

    #5 Conwy Castle in Wales

    Address: Rose Hill St, Conwy LL32 8AY, United Kingdom

    Conwy Castle in Wales
    Conwy Castle in Wales.

    Conwy Castle (Welsh Castell Conwy) is a medieval fortification in the village of Conwy on the north coast of Wales. It was built by Eduard I. during his conquest of Wales in 1283 and 1289. His construction involved 1,500 people and was founded for five years. It was built as part of a wider project to create a fortified city of Conway, whose total cost was £ 15,000, which was a considerable sum for its time. During the following centuries, the castle played an important role in several wars. He resisted the siege of Madoga and Llywelyna in the winter of 1294 and 1295, serving as a temporary shelter for Richard II. in 1399, and in the year 1401, Welsh King Owain Glyndhr held it for several months.

    After the outbreak of the English Civil War in 1642, the crew was loyal to Charles I and held it until 1646 when she gave up parliamentary troops. Parliament then decided to partially dismantle the fortifications to prevent the use of the castle for further revolt. In 1665 the castle was largely destroyed and much of the building materials were sold out. The ruins of Conwy Castle became an attractive destination for artists in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and underwent major reconstruction in the second half of the nineteenth century. In the twenty-first century, the ruins of the castle became a popular tourist destination.

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    - Lubomir Spisak, Travelling? Then visit TOP 5 castles in Wales, T-Cities.xyz


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