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Magistrate of the Bratislava was preparing to launch the so-called "Bike sharing" in the past. However they never pushed it to the end and so cycling activists provides public bicycles in the Bratislava.

There are about a hundred of public rental bicycles in the street of the city. All of them are white and they are distributed on 39 habitats. Mainly in city center, Ruzinov, Nove mesto, Petrzalka and Karlova Ves.

There was a lot of conversations about renting of public bicycles which can use everybody for travel through the city for free in the Bratislava.

The project like this is the way how to be the one of big effective city in the world. So far, magistrate was unable to ensure a network of public bicycles. This was a reason for activists to launch the bicycle rental system by own forces.

The project work for two and half years and it keeps growing and improving. Despite this only a few inhabitants know about the project. Bike enthusiasts have devised application, collected soke bikes from the Holland and created a system of public bicycle hire service in the open air.

How to rent bike

This bicycles can use everyone but condition is that he must have received training in "Cyklo Kuchyna". It will take circa 45 minutes. Training is free. Just call and make an appointment. Addition to the training, the applicant must register and active his account. Thus becomes a member of the community. Then you can rent a bike from any station. You can register on the web at

From your account you get code for unlocking the bike. There is no time span and no fee for renting a bicycle. You can pick up one on any station and return on any other.


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